26 Feb 2019

Theatre Review: The Full Monty

Last week I was kindly gifted with two tickets for the first night of The Full Monty at The Opera House, Manchester. Despite having seen the film many years ago and for some reason under the impression it was a musical (it isn’t) I was excited to have a girly night out at the theatre to go see it. The original Oscar winning film starring Robert Carlisle was less Magic Mike and more Wetherspoons on a Friday night, so we knew we were guaranteed some laughs. Though the thought of middle age men stripping off hardly filled me with joy this production starring Gary Lucy was a little more appealing (there were audible shrieks from the audience on his appearance on stage).

Whilst the entrance to the theatre resembled more of a cattle market than a sophisticated night out at the theatre we were pleased to find our seats in the centre of the stalls and got comfy. After perusing the programme, we concluded this was a cast of ex soap stars (explained why 90% of the Coronation Street cast were in the audience) so I knew not to expect Chekhov but it’s nice to see a fairly recognisable and hopefully entertaining line up.

Apart from the slightly hard to place accents (a short film about Sheffield played at start and helped to implant the region in your brain… without you would’ve been clueless) and panto style acting, it was overall a fun night out and full of plenty of belly laughs (a girl next to us even snorted on occasion). The highlight was the ridiculous strip scene at the end with some very sneaky staging and the brilliant on-stage camaraderie. Although it wasn’t a musical it features a great soundtrack with the likes of Donna Summers, Hot Chocolate and Tom Jones. With the odd inappropriate gag and hen party knob joke humour, overall, it was a fun night out.

After a night lacking in sophistication, especially for a Monday, we did make our way to The Ivy Manchester to sample some of their Sake… It’s all about balance you know. 

Lauren Eliza x

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