29 Jan 2019

Are You Living Life to Your Full Potential?

Want to really make a difference in your life this year? Forget crash dieting to get into a bikini, or even giving up all the things you love (after all, we all know with most things it’s moderation and not restriction that’s the key!) Instead, do something that you can be genuinely proud of, and will have you looking back in a year’s time and feel glad that you took the plunge. Here are some ideas.

Move abroad for a year
Vacations are fantastic for seeing different places in the world, and travel is even better as you’re spending longer in a destination, and doing things other than tourist attractions. But you’ll never know a place quite as well as when you live there. When you’re young and don’t have family commitments, or when you’re flexible in your career, it can be a great time to get out there and live in a new part of the world. Always loved Paris? Companies like Glamour Apartments offer long term rental lettings. Perhaps New York or Venice have always interested you, or maybe you want to move to a scenic beach location or countryside? If you have the ability to do this, grab it with both hands. You don’t have to move away forever, but spend time in another place, take in the culture, chat to the locals and work out there. It will add so much to your life.

Go back to school
Many of us could wait to leave school when we were young, after being stuck in the education system our whole lives it’s normal to be keen to get out there and earn a living! However, if you’ve left school without the right qualifications, you can find that you end up in a dead end job without great pay that you’re unsatisfied in. Even if you did leave with qualifications and got a job you enjoyed, later down the line you might feel like making a complete career change. Going back to school is the best way to go about this. You can go to university or college full or part time. You could even study online from home. Education is never a waste of time or money, and it could be be the catalyst for you improving your career, career satisfaction and finances.


In life, it’s always important to stay humble. While success is earned, a lot of what each of us have is down to luck. We were born to parents that kept a roof over our head, born in a system that requires children to get an education, and schemes that can help us develop hobbies which we can enjoy and excel in. Many others won’t have had the same opportunities or guidance, and might have ended up in unfavourable situations just because of the cards they were dealt in life. Volunteering and helping those less fortunate helps you to understand this. To know that no one is better than anyone else. Volunteering your time genuinely helps good causes and also helps you to open up your eyes to new ways of thinking.

Lauren Eliza x

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