10 Dec 2018

Jazzing Up Your Style - It's There If You Want It

Too often we feel that we are set in our current style. We might have found something that ‘just works’ for us, or something we feel the most comfortable in. This can be quite a shame to fall into. If you only value comfort, there’s no reason not to wear your pajamas in public each and every day. While this is completely your choice to do so, we all know that this isn’t the way to do things. It can be important to take care for your style, to help you feel proud of yourself and comfortable in your skin.

The power of fashion is to help you express yourself. It’s an art form. But sometimes, we can stick to watercolors solely, when really a variety of other techniques could be applicable to us. Apply this attitude to fashion, and you’ll likely realize that you have a number of your own mental blockages. Perhaps you think there are certain colors you can’t wear, because you decided that in your early twenties and stuck with it.

But here, we hope to change to healthier mindsets.


A Makeover

It might be that instead of making the smaller changes that only influence your style a little, you might go for a full makeover. Hiring a makeover specialist or shopping assistant for a day or two can help you outfit your wardrobe with modern trendy clothing that you adore, not that you feel is important to wear. A makeover can help you see yourself in a completely new light, it can bust you out of lethargy, and generally give you a profound feeling of confidence that you might not have had before. This can work well if you weren’t too sure what sort of changes you should make, as it can become a rapid course in how fashion and style operate.


Switching up your hair is akin to a mini-makeover, because it can change your style without you having to spend a fortune on a new wardrobe. It might be that you cut your hair short, or style it in a different way, or change the color to seem and help you feel more funky. Consider what style you most like. If you love the 50s era, then a modernized bouffant might be for you. There are many different options, and all of them can be relevant if you so desire.


Feeling more confident in yourself can be as easy as jazzing up your style with smaller accessories. You might decide to wear the jewelry passed down to you more frequently, purchase a piece you’ve simply fell in love with for Christmas, or opt for new piercings such as cartilage earrings to help you express yourself in the most beautiful manner of all. A little pizzazz has never hurt anyone, and can actually help you feel more yourself, as we often are comprised of the tastes we have.

With these tips, jazzing up your style will be more than worth it.

Lauren Eliza x

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