19 Dec 2018

Forget Panto, Go See Doctor Dolittle this Christmas

So in the run up to Christmas I love to go see a show or two, my childhood wasn’t complete until the annual Panto trip! As I got older, Panto became less desirable and instead we’d have a trip to the Christmas Markets in the city centre and pair this trip with a show at the Palace or the Opera House. I’m a big musical fan after spending many years performing in them myself, so I love the opportunity to revisit my youth and vehemently regret every moment I didn’t pursue a career in acting once I had finished my degree… in acting. I know. 

So this year I jumped at the chance to go see the new production of Doctor Dolittle at the Lowry Theatre, Salford Quays. I also had an extra incentive, I spent many years performing alongside leading lady Mollie Melia-Redgrave who is playing Emma Fairfax in the production, so I was excited to go cheer her on! 

The show which runs from Tuesday 11th December until Saturday 5th January 2019, is part of the 50th anniversary celebrations of the original film starring Rex Harrison and features the same songs! I haven’t seen the original film but many moons ago I saw this same production starring the silver fox himself Mr Phillip Schofield (I know right, he sings as well!?!) so as soon as the songs began I found myself humming along. I can barely even remember seeing it the first time so I couldn’t help but feel rather nostalgic. This fantastic score paired with stunning visual puppetry (all the animals are puppets performed in a sort of War Horse/Lion King style) makes for a brilliant production. It’s also incredibly funny and heartwarming and has something for both children and adults alike. 

The cast is led by Mark Williams (you may recognise him as Arthur Weasley from Harry Potter!), along with Brian Capron as Albert Blossom/Straight Arrow, Vicky Entwistle as Polynesia, Adele Anderson as Lady Bellowes/Poison Arrow, Mollie Melia-Redgrave as Emma Fairfax and Patrick Sullivan as Matthew Mugg.

If you choose to go see anything this holiday season then I 100% recommend you take a break from Panto and go see this wonderful production! Tickets are available here and are from £19.50 to £47.50.

Lauren Eliza x

What have you been to see this Christmas?

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