18 Dec 2018

Adulting In 2019 By Getting A Grip On Your Finances

A lifestyle of travelling and never saying no can soon mean your finances aren’t as healthy as they should be. While your 20s are a good time to enjoy yourself, there comes a time when you need to focus on your finances and get them into better shape. Why not use the New Year as the perfect time to get started?

Try some serious adulting in 2019 by getting a grip on your finances.

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Address your debts

Do you know the total value of your debts? Now might be a good time to face up to them and make a plan to repay them. There are different things you can do to clear your debts, from moving to 0% interest to long term secured loans to consolidate them. A healthy budget can help you repay in no time, leaving you debt free and in a better position for your future.

Start tracking your spending

One way to give yourself a reality check is to start tracking your spending. A bank account like Monzo or budgeting apps like Cleo and Squirrel can really help you see where your money is going each month - making budgeting easier than before. When you start realising how much you spend on coffee a week or how much a night out costs you, it might make you rethink your spending habits.

Cut back

Frivolous living can’t go on forever, so finding ways to cut back is important for healthy money management. Cutting back on things like your energy use, your grocery shop and how much you spend on eating out each month can all make a difference and start leaving more money left over at the end of the month. Take a detailed look at all of your outgoings and see which ones can be completely cut or scaled back to help you free up more money for your savings. A budget is a great way to help you cut back on your spending, allowing you to set aside targets for your bills, your groceries and your entertainment spend to help you develop better habits.

Make sensible savings

There comes a time when you need to start thinking about your savings. When the time comes to buy your first house, get married or make any other big financial commitments, you’re going to need some savings behind you. Look to start putting your money into ISAs and other high-interest savings accounts to help you grow your money. If you’re serious about maximising your savings, you could even consider looking at how to invest in your 20s and growing your money for your future.

The New Year is an excellent time to make some lifestyle changes and turn things around. From becoming healthier and exercising more, to focusing on your career - 2019 could signal the start of the next exciting chapter of your life. Taking ownership of your financial situation is one of those things you wish you’d known in your 20s, so take charge before your 20s are over.

Lauren Eliza x

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