19 Oct 2018

Friday Favourites: Film, Food, Frights

So I have been sick as a dog this week with a chest infection so unfortunately this Friday I don't have a massively interesting post for you. I could tell you all about how I've been drifting in and out of consciousness with a deathly fever and living off of beans on toast as I ran out of food and didn't want to leave my flat but... that would be f*cking boring and no-one wants to hear me prattle on about that. Lucky for you, before I got sick I spent last week doing some fun stuff around town that I'd like to recommend to you wonderful peeps. 


Last week I thoroughly over indulged in cinema going. My Grandad said to me last week 'We only go and see great films,' which is true, I can't remember going to see a film with my Grandad that I didn't like, we basically have awesome taste. So last week I went to see THREE great films. Going to the cinema has and always will be one of my favourite past times, especially when it involves going to the new Light Cinema in my hometown of Stockport. It has a fully stocked bar, restaurant and reclining seats as standard, I mean I don't have to try and convince you any more surely?  I saw Tom Hardy's Venom, a classic marvel film documenting the origins of the anti-hero Venom. It's funny, there's some great action scenes, and the relationship between Hardy's Character and the alien symbiote Venom is brilliant. Only complaint was it wasn't long enough!! Next up I saw Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper in A Star Is Born. I've always been a Gaga fan but I wasn't particularly astounded by her performance in American Horror Story but knowing the premise of the film I was excited to see what they made of it. Honestly this may be my favourite film ever, well not ever, but in this genre of jukebox musical type films (La La Land and The Greatest Showman can f*ck right off). The music was amazing, the storyline was heartbreaking and Bradley Cooper steals the f*cking show. Be sure to download the soundtrack so you can relive the film over and over until it's out on DVD! P.s it's probably going to make you cry buckets. Lastly I went to see Ryan Gosling in First Man, unfortunately the Spielberg produced film has been overshadowed in the box office leagues by the other two films but it is still an equally brilliant piece. Documenting NASA's attempt to put a man on the moon, Gosling plays Neil Armstrong in this powerful, moving and honest portrayal of what went down in the lead up. If you're not at all interested in space travel then it probably won't be for you, but I loved it and despite its 2+ hour run time I was engaged throughout. 


So just when I was starting to get ill, I decided to go cheer myself up by having a proper hearty Sunday Dinner. Problem was, I decided this on Sunday morning and booking a table for a Sunday dinner on a Sunday morning is not the one. Also being veggie means that the options available are massively reduced unless I just want a plate of vegetables and a yorkshire pudding. Our first choice of Albert Schloss was fully booked and required a wait of 2 hours so we continued our hunt whilst having a wander around town. We finally came to the conclusion that our best option was The Refuge on Oxford Road, there was a little wait but they have a large general bar/coffee area, and we decided we would chill there until our table was available. I'd never been to Refuge before but I'd seen enough Instagram posts to know that it was a place I wanted to go. Structurally the place is gorgeous, housed in the old restaurant area of The Palace Hotel, with a cool indoor garden area and a juxtaposition of old architecture and contemporary design it's a bloggers dream! Unfortunately I was getting sick and only had the energy to take a picture of my food, but you should totally go and check it out. We went for the Vegan Roast (We didn't even ask what it was, we just ordered and knew we would love it!!) and it was tasty AF! I have attached a picture for proof, only recommendation is get the side of cauliflower cheese and if you're not vegan and just veggie ask for extra yorkshire puddings (as they're not vegan and they won't put them on). P.s I didn't get to try one but the table next to us had some FINE looking Espresso Martinis which I must go back and try!


So as you all know it is the month of October and therefore the month of all things spooky and terrifying i.e my time of year. From October 1st to 31st if I am not scared at least once a day then what even is the point. So when I heard Netflix had just put up THE SCARY-IST SERIES EVER then I was like HELL YES, SHOW IT ME NOW. As a kid I used to only watch horror films when I went round to my mates houses, I don't know whether this was because I could then knowingly separate the ghosts and scary shit from my everyday life by theoretically 'leaving' them at my mates house or the fact I was an only child and didn't have older siblings to expose me to this shit. Anyhow I was shit scared of horror films... but I loved them. In primary school my mate's Dad used to put the X-files on the tv for us and play the War of the Worlds tape in the car when driving us round. This early exposure definitely prepared me for loving sci-fi, horror, paranormal and thriller films as an adult as I could never be as scared as I was when I was a kid. So what TV series am I talking about, it is of course The Haunting of Hill House, and I did of course binge watch it this week when I was off sick. It's got the perfect elements for a great classic horror, theres a spooky of house, there's little kids seeing things, people dying unexpectedly, seeing things that aren't there... or are they? What's great about this series is you see what living in a crazy, f*cked up horror film scenario as a kid can do to someone in their adult life and I'm telling you (It f*cks them up!). There's lots of guessing what's going on and trying to add up the clues to make sense of what really happened at Hill House and it makes for a fascinating watch. I didn't find it scary but I put it on for a friend and within 5 minutes in and one freaky dead kitten later he told me to take it the hell off and put on Peep Show. 

Lauren Eliza x

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  1. I absolutely love The Refuge! Hope you're feeling better soon x

  2. Good to hear about The Refuge, I've never been but sounds like a great place to go. I am always looking for new places to eat vegetarian food in Manchester so I will keep this one in mind for next time.

  3. I am so not one for a scary series!
    Also, love the refuge but never been for food! Must rectify that xxx