14 Sep 2018

Friday Favourites: MUSIC EDITION

Pale Waves – My Mind Makes Noises – It feels like a long time coming but this morning we were finally treated to the gothic-indie wonders that are Pales Waves in the form of their new LP My Mind Makes Noises. Although lyrically they give emo teen-angsty vibes this album is a indie-synth pop masterpiece. The lyrics make me lust after a boy I’ve never met who has hurt me a million times and doesn’t understand why I cry. The music makes me want to jump up and down, shaking my hair about to the beat in the middle of a sweaty crowd. The stripped down track Karl is a real gut-wrencher. I will still and always love Television Romance.

No Rome – Narcissist (ft. The 1975) – This collaboration came after Matty Healy and George Daniels were working on producing No Rome’s new EP RIP Indo Hisashi. After first hearing the track, Healy was insistent on having a feature on it. I adore this track, I’m a big The 1975 fan so this pairing was always going to be right up my street. To be honest it’s hard to see where No Rome ends and The 1975 starts with this track which may be down to the production from Healy and Daniels. I may have even been quoted as saying it’s one of The 1975’s best tracks and they’re only a feature…

Troye Sivan – Dance To This (ft. Ariana Grande) – Don’t ask me why this is on my list other than it being an absolute BOP. Thanks to my mate Fiona for showing me this track! It’s classic Sivan style that blends effortlessly with Ariana’s. The flickering of the drum machine and echoing synth make this a chill track that you can’t help but move to. Check out the video to have major style envy for Ariana’s blue/purple co-ord. This track lead me to listen to the rest of the Bloom album, my favourite track being Plum, so check it out!

Gang of Youths – Let Me Down Easy – There’s something about this track that reminds me of The Courteeners and Catfish and The Bottlemen, the gravelly vocals, a string accompaniment, the bass keeping a fast upbeat tempo. I especially enjoy the vocal intonation, ‘till your movin’ like a mother-fucker up in this… bitch’. Some tracks the vocals and music can feel really separate and I just love the way it flows in the way that a brilliant comic tells the punch line of a joke.

Gerry Cinnamon – Sometimes – Now this has been played incessantly on both my iPhone and Radio X, he’s about to go on a Winter tour alongside The Courteeners (announce a Manchester date god dammit!!) and there seems to be only good things in this man’s musical future. Indie rock, it’s a brilliantly upbeat song about random acts of violence and casual drug use but ‘that’s the way the story goes, sometimes’. 

Lana Del Rey – Mariners Apartment Complex – Even the cover art for this new track harks back to the simplistic ‘apparent’ organic, dive bar artist we found in the early Lana Del Rey Video Games era, obviously we later found she was the heiress to a massive fortune with ridiculous connections to the industry but that’s not the point. The acoustic track see a transcendent role reversal of a girl saving a man who’s lost his way ‘I’m your man’, and the perpetuated view that a man must save a woman ‘you took my sadness out of context, at the Mariners Apartment Complex, I ain’t no candle in the wind’. Her sultry vocals command this track whilst still reverberating with the pain of a Del Rey song.

What tracks have you been loving this week, I've been loving jamtolionats?

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Lauren Eliza x

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  1. I’ll have to get listening to these!
    I love looking at what others are listening to, im getting bored on my own playlists at the moment!
    Thank you for sharing ☺️

    1. Yeah I’m a proper music geek and I love finding out new music so I thought I may as well share some of my faves as well ☺️