7 Sep 2018


Last night I got to live out something I’ve been wanting to do for YEARS, I got to see the Arctic Monkeys LIVE and in the flesh. But first we must rewind. Out of all my mates it’s probably safe to say that if you were to find any of us at a AM gig it would be me and it is also for that reason why in my whole 25 years of life I’ve never seen them. One thing that is great about my friendship group is that we are all very different, into different things, love different music but we all come together anyway (opposites attract you know!). So whilst I was off at University in London living my Indie/Hipster dream, they were off doing their own equally awesome things. So basically I never had anyone to go with **cry**. Since uni, several break ups, many experiences, a whole lot of growing up and a hella load of independence, I now love going to gigs on my own and have no qualms in seeing a band I love on my bill even if no-one else wants to, DON’T LET OTHER PEOPLE RUIN YOUR EXPERIENCES!! So this lead me to, back in I want to say April (don’t quote me) log into the AM website at 9am, in work, determined to bag myself a ticket. I have never experienced such stress in my life, it was like Glasto all over again… except this time I bagged myself a ticket!! I obviously did the customary brag on Facebook and was then surprised to find two friends of mine were also going and had got tickets in the same block!! (I was secretly very happy). 

Since then, a whole Summer went by and finally, last night the Arctic Monkeys kicked off their UK tour at the Manchester Arena. After stopping by new bar and restaurant Ruddys in Northern Quarter for some complementary beers (it was their opening night) we made our way over to the Arena. Reminiscent of airport security checks, well we were going on holiday to the Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino of course (I’m sorry I had to), the security has been up’d majorly since last year but there were no issues going in and due to the time we went (30 minutes prior to the headliner) there were no queues at all!! AM were down to start at 9pm so we sauntered off to the loos and to grab some drinks. Waiting in the queue I heard the hypnotic intro to Four out of Five at which point decided to ditch the idea of getting drinks and found our seats instead. Can you believe it, they were early!!

Last night’s gig was a celebration of all the Arctic Monkeys have done, from trying and failing to flirt with ‘future brides’ in sheffield nightclubs in Dancing Shoes to the adoration of a lover with their hands around your neck of 505. The poetic love letter to a then girlfriend in Arabella and a failed booty call of Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High, all the way through to the transitional, hypnotic sci-fi of Four Out Of Five about a taqueria on the moon that’s called the Information Action Ratio, which is a reference to the idea of how we have so much knowledge at our fingertips but don’t quite know what to do with it… yeah I know right. 

The stage was set out like something between a 1960s, art deco hotel and the Tardis with Alex Turner dressed in a suit jacket, white shirt, tight red trousers and newly shaven head (He’s obviously going to the same barber as his Last Shadow Puppets partner, Miles Kane). His image in contrast to the Rockerbilly of AM and the popped collar and classic Reeboks of Whatever People Say I Am That's What I'm Not. He saunters around the stage with a brooding rockiness, seamlessly hopping from piano to guitar, barely uttering a word to the audience bar ‘Hi Manchester, we're Arctic Monkeys from High Green’. But all of this didn’t matter because they were there, on that stage, playing the songs we all love, and we were all singing along. No matter what manifestation the Arctic Monkeys appear in, they can without doubt put on an incredible show. 

Have you seen them live? What’s your verdict?

Lauren Eliza x

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  1. I saw them at a festival many many years ago! I’m gutted to have missed out on tickets this time round. Glad you enjoyed it!

  2. I've never seen Arctics live - but it sounds like they were great. Yes you're right, go to the gig on your own. I've done that a few times over the years - but mostly I go with my husband - about 15 gigs a year. Bec :-)