24 Aug 2018


Emily Coxhead - So if you don't know who she is then shame on you, but a little insight is she is the brain's and bubbliness behind the wonderful brand Happy News; a positive initiative that takes all the happy and wonderful stories from the news and makes it into a quarterly broad sheet newspaper. Illustrated by Emily and with help from a small team and regular contributors it was originally picked up by Richard Branson (the one behind Virgin Trains), praising it for it's welcoming positivity in a time when the news is filled with negativity. She now has her own book, card collection, stationery and giftware collection. I had the joy of working with her in my last job and she is super cool and deserves any success that comes to her. My favourite of her illustrations is this quirky 'I will not compare myself to a stranger on Instagram' print, it's my current wallpaper on my phone AND you can even get it as a mug for continuous positive vibes! To download this and more illustrations as wallpapers check out her insta here >>> @emilycoxhead

The 1975s new music - Is it just me or has it been farrr too long since the last 1975 album. So it excites my fangirl heart when a few months back The 1975 started hinting at a new release and what better way to promote a new release than with new music and a bad bleach job. Yes they are back and Matty bleached his hair, as if he couldn't get any more grimey in a weirdly attractive way. But lets focus on the music. The first track 'Give Yourself A Try' is reminiscent to their most recent album, upbeat, brash, and makes a comment about being alive in 2018. 'Love it if we made it' harks back to the first album it's raw, rocky and dark, I especially love the line 'Poison me Daddy'. Now the most recent release (released last week) is TOOTIMETOOTIMETOOTIME, when I first heard it I was like whuttt. I can even be quoted on my twitter as saying, 'The new @the1975 song sounds like if a bot was forced to listen to every single generic pop song ever made and then told to write and produce it's own' and I stick behind that! However after a few more listens I can't help (like every other generic pop song) sort of like it, I mean… it's a bop! The new album is rumoured to be out in October and I for one am hyped to see what is to come!

Lilac Nail Varnish - I’m not one to have bare nails, mainly as I find they snap and break without their extra colourful support layer but also because a nail varnish is basically an extension of your outfit. My fave which happens to go very well with a dress I’ve been obsessively wearing for work, is ‘Lilacism’ from Essie, it’s a cute pastel purple and for me just screams summer! The Pantone colour Ultra Violet is actually the colour of 2018 so it’s also super on trend, paint your nails, dye your hair… we wear purple on all days of the week!!

'How to be Famous' by Caitlin Moran - The second novel in her ‘How to…’ series is ‘How to be Famous’ it follows protagonist and female hero Dolly in her experiences as a 19 year old music journalist in London. There’s, sex, drugs, dick heads and swoony musicians, everything you’d want from a novel set in 90s London. Moran is so funny and incredibly honest in her writing, you read and can’t help but cringe at times whilst secretly being like, ‘shit that’s so me’. As far as female empowerment goes this novel has it all, from a girl band that only allows women to their gigs and a almost ‘me too’ inspired movement to take down a chauvinistic pig of a comedian. I challenge you not to be completely in love with welsh indie rock star John Kite by the end of it!

Urban Outfitters Yellow Midi Dress - So the Clueless checkered prints are back with a-vengeance and of course I needed a slice of the action. I bought this dress for my trip to Amsterdam and I have been completely obsessed ever since. During the day I wear with a white high necked tee and my Fila Disruptors, during the evening on it’s own with my black 70s inspired boots with contrast block heels from Topshop. A long midi, I wouldn’t recommend if you’re below 5.6, I’m 5.9 and it’s the perfect length, it also has a cheeky slit up the side which I love! Shout out to the waitress at The Midland in Marple Bridge who said how much she loved it! It’s still available to buy here!!

Let me know what you are loving at the moment!


  1. I love purple so much I had a purple floral wedding dress when I got married last year (age 51) and I only ever have shades of purple toes pain so I'll be looking out that nail varnish. thanks love Bec xx

  2. That dress looks gorgeous on you!
    I have to admit I didn't know about Emily Coxhead but I'm following her now thanks to you :)