19 Aug 2018


A quest to do things that made me happy when I wasn’t an adult.

It was my third day indulging in all my favourite things whilst baking in the scorching heat of the turkish sun, my third bottle of prosecco at 138 turkish lira a pop, my third magnum ice lolly (6 more were consumed in the 4 days proceeding), I was onto my third book of the holiday, ‘Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine’ a book I was finding worrying similarities to and my third dip in the pool, of which I was currently circling in a manic attempt to reduce the fat uptake this holiday was undoubtably giving me. It was at that happy moment that I realised how unhappy I had been. For months I had been in a job that was making me miserable and I was drinking and partying my way to contentment, resulting in my bank balance and happiness being continually in the negative. It was then I drank another bottle of prosecco and cried to my mum about needing to have a complete life re-haul and I was going to become a Doctor… I know right. I’d just read, ‘This Is Going To Hurt’ (Diary entries from the author's time as a Junior Doctor) and for some reason rather than being put off, the author is now a stand up comedian and author, I was for some reason inspired? But this is so me, my hair styles are testament to this, one week brunette, next I’m looking like Mila Jovovich in The Fifth Element (I wish). So how could I make myself happy? I couldn’t stay on holiday forever, so what used to make me happy?

So I’m not going to say, play with your favourite stuffed toy or climb a climbing frame, I’m not staying regress into childhood, lets be serious, no-one likes the drunk man child at a dinner party. I’m talking about embracing the hobbies that you did before you became an angsty teen, went to university or ‘didn’t have time anymore’. First up: READING. I know right, who has time for that? Netflix will probably make it into a tv series soon enough anyway... Encouraged by my trip to Turkey, I read four books on that trip, that’s more books than I have read in the past year. For a girl with a Creative Writing MA, that’s pretty depressing. Since coming home I’ve read two more. What better way to de-stress and take a breather than to lose yourself in a world that isn’t your own. I recommend 'How To Be Famous' by Caitlin Moran.

SWIMMING. I spent a ridiculous amount of my childhood and adolescence in pools. By the time we were learning to swim at school I could already lap all my classmates **Humble brag. But when it came between picking between Swimming and Horse Riding (we’ll get to that later) the later won the race and my swimming was ultimately put on the back burner age 13/14. But, I did love it so I’ve taken it up again. My local gym already has a pool so I go twice a week and, after getting past the initial ‘oh god is it appropriate to wear a bikini in a public pool as I haven’t owned a swimsuit since I was 16’ panic, it’s really rewarding and keeps me fit. Having a few hours a week with just my thoughts in a pool does great things for the mind. 

Lastly, HORSE-RIDING. When I was 10 my uncle kindly gifted me horse-riding lessons. As I child I used to scream at the mere thought of getting on a horse, the regular horse-riding birthday parties that seemed to be the trend of the late 90s often resulted in me screaming, crying, and being forced onto a horse that would then take me 50 metres round a paddock and then… cake!! This irrational fear was weird but hey, I was an irrational child. Anyway, fast forward a few years and I was a regular rider and I even worked at my stables as a stable girl (mucking out, putting horses into paddocks etc). So I was kind of gutted when I left to move the the London to take on my Theatre BA and I had to hang up my boots and crop. I always said I would go back at the summer but life got in the way and even three years and a degree later, when I moved back to MCR, I still didn’t take it back up. 4 weeks ago everything changed. I contacted my old stable, Tarden Farm in Mellor, and booked myself in. Don’t get me wrong, I was completely terrified and was convinced I’d fall off but I took the leap, bought some new boots and half chaps, found out my riding hat was no longer legal to ride with, borrowed a hat from the stables and met my new mate and riding partner Patch! Honestly, some people say horse-riding just involves sitting on a horse doing nothing, but when you've spend an hour doing rising-trot it easily beats doing squats at the gym (and it's more fun).

So I know this post was a little self indulgent but I hope this blog post is testament that you don’t have to spend 7 years restudying to be a medic (especially when you don’t like sick people) just to feel some contentment in your adult life, and you don’t always have to dye your hair (but you can if it makes you happy).

Lauren Eliza x

Let me know what you’ve started up again in adulthood that you loved as a kid?


  1. I love reading too. Like you, I've read a lot as a teenager, then stopped. A couple of years ago I did a reading challenge that went wrong, but I started reading again. Last year 60 books, this year 52 so far. It's an amazing way to de-stress.
    I'm also considering horseback riding. Next month I'm going to look into it and maybe even start.

  2. Sometimes we forget our childhood dreams and hobbies when we grow up, its nice to remember what it was and to rekindle the love for it again. Enjoyed the read.