8 Nov 2016


So, I could apologise yet again for my absent nature, but we all know the little good it would do, anyway I'm here now. This post is all about a few products I picked up when I was getting sick and feeling sorry for myself, turns out they're actually rather good.

As you can see in my overtly blogger-esque picture I purchased two lippies and some mascara. As I've got older, or perhaps lazier, I have found I prefer to wear less makeup. Don't get me wrong, I envy the abilities of MUAs on Instagram who create these stunning looks with glitter, eyeliner flicks and eyelashes for days, but, that's not me. So I've put together some simple steps to get you from day to night, using only a few simple ingredients.

So the two lippies I've chosen are MAC's Really Me matte lipstick and NYX's matte lipstick in Siren. Both of them have these gorgeous purple tones that make them perfect for autumn/fall. Matte lips have been really popular this year and aren't going anywhere fast. Although many may suffer from the dreaded chapped lip as it gets colder, these both have a great moisture rich formula, that whilst creating a matte look, keep your lips nourished and on top form. Really Me makes a great day time nude with a gothic edge, basically if you want a nude lip but don't want to look like your early 00s MySpace profile pic. Siren helps you transition into the evening, changing your whole look with this gorgeous deep plum. It's basically what I imagine vampires and witches to rock during the day. Check out PPL's Shay Mitchell rocking the exact look...

But what about my eyes? I hear you scream. Granted, less eye makeup can have you looking like a beady eyed rodent, or maybe that's just me, so a little is always good. What's great about this next product is it's ability to change from day to night. MAC's Haute & Naughty Too Black Lash. I first started using this product at Uni after a chance stumbling into a MAC store resulted in the assistant telling me I'd been doing everything wrong all my makeup wearing life. She was probably right. Despite trying other Mascaras from brands such as Chanel and Soap & Glory, I have returned to this product time and time again. What's great about this one is it's magical wand. It has what appears to be two lids, pull the smaller of the two for a great day time look, the larger for the evening.

 The smaller pulls the wand through a thin tube that removes a lot of the product, giving you less coverage and a more subtle look. Whilst pull the bigger sparkly lid, and the wand isn't pulled through a tube so holds more of the product, to create an allover black, dramatic, volumised lash. It's confusing but honestly great.

To finish off the look I have detailed above a few products that I use day to day (the messy containers proof that I use these products all the time!) that would pair brilliantly with the two lipsticks both day and night. Remember this look is all about the lips, so the subtler the shadow the better, I find a smoky eye works great. Using these products are easy, proving that looking glam doesn't need a team of makeup artists on call.

Products featured -

MAC Really Me - £15.50
NYX Siren - £6.50
MAC Haute & Naughty Too Black Lash - £19.00

L x 

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