8 Jan 2016


So today it was announced that experimental singer songwriter Jack Garrett - very much deservedly - topped the Sound of 2016 poll. Now Jack Garrett is great but as winner he's going to get enough press anyway so I'm not going to talk about him *sorry*. Instead my focus is on fellow Stopfordians Blossoms.

For any of you that don't have a fucking clue where Stockport is (I don't blame you) it's in Manchester (England). In fact for such a small town we've produced quite the crop of talented so and sos, just check out this list on wiki here. See now who's unheard of? Anyway back to Blossoms, so who are they? Well they are a five piece from Stockport who decided to form a band after their dissatisfaction with the bands they were already in, there sound is truly unique to any other band at the minute drawing influences from The Beatles, Arctic Monkeys, Oasis and even bizarrely Abba, to create a psychedelic pop-rock sound.

After spending months rehearsing, writing and developing their sound they sent their music to the BBC Introducing Uploader in 2014. If you don't know what that is it's basically a part of the BBC website where new artists can upload their music. This will then be checked out by DJs and if someone likes it then it could get a play on the radio - all without the artists even being signed. This got the gears turning for Blossoms as they began playing all over Manchester where eventually they were picked up by 6 Music's Steve Lamacq, who invited the lads to play their first Maida Vale session for the radio. Now a year later they've been announced as no.4 on the BBC sound of 2016 poll and are about to head of on a UK headline tour. Not bad for a five piece from Stockport hey?

They have already released two EPs this year - Blown Rose and Charlemagne - the latter I cannot stop playing as it is ridiculously addictive. On February 19th their new EP At Most A Kiss will be released and their debut album later this year. I love this band and with the support they've gained from Radio 1 I hope that more people will get on board. The only thing I'm annoyed about it that I didn't buy a ticket to see them before they blew up.

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