25 Dec 2015


As it's the 25th of December and I can only presume you're dying for some shitty Christmas music to coincide with present un-wrapping, I thought I'd present you with just that - but not shitty obviously. The EP is called Christmas (I know, original) and it comes from Boy-Girl indie pop duo Summer Camp. You may have heard of them already as they're not entirely new; having first come together in 2009, but what really annoys me is that they haven't really taken off as much as I'd hoped. I first got into Summer Camp when I was in my first or second year of university, me and one of my flatmates embarked on what we considered a treacherous journey to Brixton Academy (turns out the only scary part of Brixton was the length of the queue in Mcdonalds). We were there to see The Vaccines and little known band Summer Camp would be supporting. What we were faced with was something unique; dreamy 80s synth-pop courtesy of multi-instrumentalist Jeremy Warmsley with mesmerising vocals from Elizabeth Sankey, different to anything we'd heard before. So we went home and downloaded as many tracks of theres as possible and were hooked. It was our magical new discovery; like fairies at the bottom of the Garden, except I don't want to keep them a secret anymore!

Jeremy and Elizabeth are a married indie pop duo who are based in London. What's cool about Summer Camp is that they sound like something from a different era and I think that's why they work so well, take a Boy/Girl duo singing 2015 a-typical pop music and it'd probably be weird, anyone remember that sibling duo Same Difference from the Xfactor? Nah me neither. What's also cool is that it's non of that loved up bullshit, one of my favourite tracks Better off Without You is basically telling an Ex to fuck off, which is great to be honest.

So lets get to the point in hand, the Christmas EP! What I love about it is it's an alternative take on the classics featuring tracks Last Christmas and Christmas Wrapping. It's like they've allowed you to enjoy these guilty pleasure tracks without feeling too guilty about it - They've basically made WHAM! cool. They've put their own stamp all over it so if you like the sound of the video above you need to check out this festive selection. Also check out their Tumblr or Facebook if only just to see the many cool outfits that Elizabeth puts together, it's like a quirky Clueless/hipster vibe. My favourite track from the record is Christmas Wrapping which you can check out below.

Hope you've enjoyed this weeks Fresh Friday! Check out last week's post all about singer Dua Lipa.

Merry Christmas

Lauren Eliza x

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