28 Aug 2012

Festival Fashion - All Washed out...

So my plan for this weeks blog post was to write about my experience at Creamfields festival and what I recommended people to wear at festivals and what pieces I saw people wear the most at this years festivals. However I'm just going to go on a rant instead (and perhaps mention something about fashion on the way). So this is what I woke up to on Sunday morning...
Yes a muddy field. And yes that is a blue sky. 
So as I trudged along the muddy path to go clean my teeth that morning I was in no doubt that I would be having one of the best nights of my life that evening watching Deadmau5 and Knife Party with my mates. This sight that morning was no different to what I had seen exactly a year ago a Leeds Festival, in fact it was better than Leeds festival (the previous year I had to crawl on my hands and knees in the mud in order to get up a hill to the Arena). So why did I find myself that afternoon packing up my bags and heading home? 
We started hearing the rumours by about 10 that morning, people had already left during the night and rumours were going round that DJs were dropping out. We thought this was stupid, why should some rain and mud stop us? It didn't on Saturday night when the majority of the rain happened and we were all out in it till 4 in the morning. Different messages were coming through to us, one point it was on, the next it wasn't. People were saying the police were lying just to try and get us off the site, and it actually was on. Even some of the stewards still thought it was on. It was getting later in the day and soon enough the time of the first acts came and went but we still hadn't formally been given any information. This is when we became really annoyed, how can such a massive well known festival be so disorganised, it wasn't as if we were even far away from the arena, we were camped in Green; directly next to the main arena. Reality of the events cancellation finally came through when we received info of these signs on the motorway from a friend with a sunday day ticket...
So that was it, we were going home. But this isn't where the chaos ended, we had to walk 30 minutes through mud carrying the remains of our tent to get back to the car park where we then had to wait another hour to get out as we pushed our car through the mud (I say mud but where we were there was hardly any water and about an inch of mud). Some of our mates were annoyed that no real direction was given to us and it was then when people started jumping the fences. Many people were stuck on the sunday night still at the festival as they had to wait for coach companies arranged for the monday. More danger and chaos was caused in the cancellation of the event than if it had stayed on. To make it even worse it was sunny and blue skies all day during the sundays evacuation. 

What I want to know is why wasn't anything done to prevent such and incident. Weather of this intensity was already predicted for the Bank holiday weekend and this festival has been running on this site for the past few years, precautionary measures should have been taken. Last year at Leeds festival we had almost identical weather but the festival went on bar a few glitches (such as screens being taken down due to high winds) and tonnes of hay was put down overnight to soak up the mud and water, why was this not done at Cream? And finally why were we not officially told what was happening? Rumours and twitter are not acceptable ways to be told, especially as many couldn't get onto twitter due to lack of signal and dead batteries. 
And as for a refund? Well we still have to wait for that one but to be honest money isn't going to make up for months of excitement only to be disappointed and annoyed. 

So you want to know what to wear at festival? 

Wellies, Coats and a "I Couldn't Give A Fuck About The Weather" smile! Because you know what, I had the best 2 nights at Creamfields and yes I will be going back next year because Festivals and music are what I love and don't expect some mud and rain to take that away from me! 


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  1. love the last paragraph - 'i couldn't give a fuck about the weather' smile