15 Aug 2012

Double denim do's and don't

Ok so I wasn't planning to do another post this week but when my friend today asked me my thoughts on a certain fashion faux pas I couldn't get it off my mind and just had to write about it, as believe me even after many years and many variations of this style people still don't know how to wear it. Its Double Denim. Cue flashbacks to Irish girlband B*witched and you'll get the picture...
Now this may have been perfectly acceptable in the 90s but believe me, you don't want to be taking fashion tips from this bunch, but don't let them put you off double denim. Once you know how to wear it; you will love to wear it!

Now this is a year round look so is basically a wardrobe staple, so you NEED to know how to wear it.

Firstly; MIX AND MATCH. Never wear the same colour or type of denim in the bottom and top. For instance, if you wear some traditional blue denim trousers then wear it with a acid wash denim shirt. This contrast is necessary, or for more contrast buy coloured denim, I'm loving Turquiose colours at the moment as its refreshingly summery during all this rain we're getting. Try the denim ranges at
<<<< Bershka and Topshop

Secondly; BE CREATIVE. Don't stick to just the basic denim, shake it up a bit. I love the grungy look so Acid wash, Distressing, Paint splattered and dip dyed = YES YES YES! This is easy peasy to do yourself and if you're unsure there are a million and one Youtube videos on how to do it, but if you don't fancy getting you're hands dirty the Highstreet stores have helpfully done it for us. I've found Urban Outfitters is bursting at the seams with denim goodies so check it out. I love these Jeans >>>>          

Third and Finally: ACCESSORISE. You can't go wrong with a few accessories. If you're wearing a denim shirt I suggest Collar Tips, this new fashion Item is a must have and comes in all shapes and sizes, but I love the collar tips with chains; its like a new take on the necklace, making your look more edgy. Giving you all the glam of a necklace without the risk of it disappearing half way round you neck during the night!
<<< I love this one from ROCK N' ROSE
Belts are always a must have, it separates the outfit more by attracting the attention to this centre point. I suggest either an animal print belt or a black one with metal additions such as studs or crosses; I'm loving the gold five cross waist belt from Urban Outfitters.    

**My Essential Denim Pieces this Season are the Oversized Denim Jacket and a Pair of Distressed and ripped denim shorts. **

So that is it, follow these handy tips and you're good to go! Double Denim; Always "Do" never "Don't"


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