14 Aug 2012


Now then don't get me wrong I'm not saying we should all rush to the back of our wardrobes and hunt for those 90s crop tops we all rushed out to buy when we thought we could be the next member of The Spice Girls, only to realise we could never pull one off as we still had the remnants of our new years belly and just couldn't force ourselves to cut out our daily blueberry muffin.

It's the Cropped Tee; this new summer trend is hitting the High Street hard and its time to be brave, so go get your tan on (I recommend St Tropez Gradual Tan for an even an natural look) and show some flesh the "cool" way (and not in the Only Way Is Essex Way).
Now there are 2 types of these tops, the tight and the baggy; I have both of these and I love them both but they are not for everyone. I'll start with the tight. Now with these prepare to be brave, as they are tight there is no way of hiding that bulging belly so be prepared to spend night after night doing press-ups and drinking gallons of water to get that super flat stomach!!! Topshop have and awesome range of cheap as chips basic cropped tees in a range of colours for a small price of £8. This i find looks great with a dip hem skirt or any skirt that comes in at the waist and flows outwards making your waist look smaller. Dress this up with some cute accessories such as Rock 'N Rose Una Geometric Hand Chain and some heels and it'd be perfect for a night on the town.
The second type of Cropped Tee is the baggy one, normally they look like normal t-shirts that have been chopped, these create a really laid back look, perfect for festivals or just hanging about with mates.  Now the way I like these is to go with the Grungy 90s look so get down to your nearest vintage store and pick up an old band tee and basically just get your scissors out, simple as that. But if you're like me and a bit frightened of hacking into your newly purchased items, take a look at either Coal and Terry Vintage or Bambi and Manson for something truly unique. Check out ASOS for something cheaper in their basics range and more designers; I particularly like the Wildfox Skeleton Heart Cropped Tee. I've just purchased this from Bambi and Manson for £18...
Team it with some vintage levi 501s cut up as shorts or some high waisted shorts and some doc martens and you will have the perfect summer outfit. And don't forget its baggy so wear it with some high waited shorts and BAM! you can still look fab without having to go to the gym ;D


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