12 Mar 2019

Things To Do in MCR: NQ64

So I have been well and truly neglecting my blog as of late and it kind of sucks as I’ve actually been up to some hella fun shit that I’ve wanted to share with you all but I haven’t so there. I’m not even going to apologise as we only have one life and social media isn’t the be all and end all and sometimes we just have to look after ourselves instead of our social platforms. But at the same time big love to the peeps who stick around when I go radio silent.

So, the reason why you’re here, the subject, topic, reason this blog post exists is the launch of new bar/arcade/fun palace NQ64 in Manchester’s Northern Quarter. NQ64 is basically a retro arcade exclusively for adults, with a neon graffiti aesthetic and cocktails inspired by the games we used to love as kids (and still love). I first found out about this place from an Instagram post, a new bar was having a soft launch and needed willing participants to try out the games, the reward: Drinks and Games Tokens. I of course was happy to oblige.

I don’t know whether it’s because I’ve now officially been getting drunk in bars for over 7 years or what, but I much more enjoy going on a night out if it involves an activity. Junkyard Golf, table tennis at Twenty Twenty Two, Darts… if there’s an activity to be had I want to do it. Even as a kid I’d much rather go bowling or lazer quest than sit around a table having a meal.  So, the edition of a new arcade bar in NQ was right up my street.

Positioned alongside NQ’s Crazy Pedros, NQ64 could almost be missed completely if you didn’t know where you were looking, a neon sign and a burly looking bouncer signify its entrance at the bottom of the alleyway. Down the stairs into the basement lies what feels like a secret gaming hideaway, a treasure trove of retro arcade games and consoles that remind you of spending all your pocket money as a kid, whilst 90s hip-hop blasts from the speakers.

A small bar supplies an array of refreshments and snacks, including retro classics like Space Raiders and game inspired cocktails. For the less adventurous there’s Camden Hells and Pale Ale on tap (my personal favourite). For £5 you can pick up a red cup of 15 NQ64 tokens for use on the arcade games, each giving a substantial amount of game play; I went the other week and me and my mate only needed £10 worth of tokens and we were there a few hours. There’s also a wall of consoles including PlayStations and N64s, each with four handsets, and free access… but don’t be a game hog.

I’ve already been five times since it opened a few weeks ago and plan to go many times more! It’s great for going out with friends; have dance battles on the Dance Stage machine, or even on a date; get up close and personal playing two player on Street Fighter :P Whomever you choose to go with, I can’t recommend this place enough, so go give it a visit! Check them out on Instagram here!

Lauren Eliza x

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